old butte soccer complex
Welcome to the Old Butte Soccer Complex, a beloved facility that has been an integral part of the Butte community for many years. Our complex has a rich history, with roots that stretch back to the early days of soccer in Montana. Over the years, we have hosted countless events and welcomed thousands of visitors, all while maintaining our commitment to providing a safe, comfortable, and well-maintained environment for players and spectators alike. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of our complex, the facilities we offer, the events we host, our maintenance practices, and our deep connections to the local community. Whether you’re a seasoned soccer fan or just curious about what makes our complex so special, we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about Old Butte Soccer Complex.

History of Old Butte Soccer Complex

The history of the Old Butte Soccer Complex dates back to the early 1970s when a group of passionate soccer enthusiasts came together with a vision of creating an exclusive soccer facility. After months of planning and fundraising, the complex was finally built on the outskirts of Butte, Montana, in 1973.

The Old Butte Soccer Complex, also known as OBSC, housed two full-sized soccer fields equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and irrigation systems. The complex was designed to accommodate players of all levels, from beginners to professionals, and to host local, national, and international tournaments.

In the subsequent years, OBSC continued to prosper under the leadership of its committed Board of Directors, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors. The complex underwent several renovations to improve the fields, add spectator seating areas, and expand the parking lot.

  • 1970s – OBSC founded with two full-sized soccer fields
  • 1980s – Renovations to add spectator seating areas
  • 1990s – Renovations to improve fields and expand parking lot
  • 2000s – OBSC hosts several local and national tournaments
Year Event
1979 Montana State Soccer Association Tournament
1990 Rocky Mountain Cup
2005 Big Sky State Games Soccer Tournament

OBSC played a significant role in promoting the sport of soccer in the Butte community and beyond. The complex became a hub for soccer enthusiasts, attracting players and fans from different parts of Montana and neighboring states.

Today, Old Butte Soccer Complex stands tall as a symbol of soccer passion and dedication. It continues to flourish under the guidance of its Board of Directors, committed volunteers, and generous sponsors, just as it has done for the past four decades.

Facilities at Old Butte Soccer Complex

The facilities at Old Butte Soccer Complex are top-notch, providing players and spectators alike with everything they need to enjoy their soccer experience. The complex boasts six full-size soccer fields, each with its own designated parking area.

In addition to the fields, Old Butte Soccer Complex also has a large clubhouse, which includes locker rooms for both home and away teams, as well as restrooms and showers. The clubhouse also features a concession stand that serves a variety of food and drinks, making it easy for players and fans to stay fueled up throughout the day.

The complex also has a number of smaller amenities that make a big difference in the overall experience. There are bleachers set up around the fields, providing spectators with a comfortable place to sit and watch the games. For those who prefer to stand, there is plenty of open space around the fields for viewing. There are also water fountains and vending machines located throughout the complex, ensuring that everyone stays hydrated and refreshed.

Facilities Details
Six soccer fields Full-size and designated parking areas
Clubhouse Locker rooms, restrooms, showers, and concession stand
Bleachers Comfortable seating for spectators
Open space Standing room for spectators
Water fountains and vending machines Refreshments available throughout the complex

Overall, the facilities at Old Butte Soccer Complex are designed to provide a great experience for players and fans alike. With plenty of space to play and watch, as well as all the amenities needed to stay comfortable and refreshed, this complex truly is a one-of-a-kind place to enjoy soccer.

Events at Old Butte Soccer Complex

Old Butte Soccer Complex is more than just a place where soccer enthusiasts gather to play or watch games. It is a multifaceted facility that hosts various events throughout the year. These events not only bring the community together but also contribute to the economic development of the area, attracting visitors from near and far.

One of the most popular events at Old Butte Soccer Complex is the annual soccer tournament. The tournament attracts teams from all over the country, competing in different categories such as youth, adult, and professional. The games are played on the facility’s top-quality playing fields, where athletes can showcase their skills in front of a large audience.

But the soccer tournament is not the only event that takes place at Old Butte Soccer Complex. The facility also hosts charity events, fundraiser walks, and runs, among others. These events offer an opportunity for the community to come together, show support for a cause, and raise awareness about important issues.

Upcoming Events at Old Butte Soccer Complex Date
Annual Charity Walk June 20, 2021
Summer Youth Soccer Camp July 10-15, 2021
Butte Soccer League Championship August 14, 2021

In addition to hosting events, Old Butte Soccer Complex also partners with local businesses and sponsors to support the community. These partnerships help to fund facility improvements, provide opportunities for local businesses to promote their products and services, and bring in revenue to the community.

Overall, Old Butte Soccer Complex is a vital part of the community, providing a platform for events that bring people together. The facility’s commitment to hosting events that promote community involvement and support economic development is a testament to its value as a fundamental asset in the area.

Maintenance of Old Butte Soccer Complex

The Old Butte Soccer Complex has been a hub for soccer lovers for many years. With its sprawling grounds, excellent facilities, and a healthy dose of community involvement, the facility has become an integral part of the region’s sporting culture. But as with any complex, it requires constant maintenance to keep it in top shape and ensure the safety of the players and visitors. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what goes into the maintenance of the Old Butte Soccer Complex and the measures taken to keep it running efficiently.

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that the Old Butte Soccer Complex remains a safe and enjoyable facility for all. This includes inspecting the playing fields, goalposts, and nets to ensure that they are in good condition, replacing any damaged equipment and fixing any hazards. All this serves to prevent accidents or injuries from happening and keeps the complex accessible to the public.

Maintenance also involves ensuring that the surrounding areas, such as the parking lot, restrooms, and concession stands are kept clean and in good repair. This can include regular cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, repairing any damage or wear and tear, as well as restocking supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Maintenance Checklist Action Required
Inspect playing fields and equipment Replace damaged equipment and fix hazards
Clean and disinfect restrooms and other facilities Restock supplies
Check lighting and electrical systems Fix any faulty or dangerous equipment

In addition to regular maintenance, the Old Butte Soccer Complex also invests in renovations and upgrades to keep up with the changing needs and demands of the community. This can include upgrading equipment to meet new safety standards, expanding facilities to accommodate more players and spectators, and enhancing the overall appearance of the complex.

Overall, maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping the Old Butte Soccer Complex safe, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone who uses it. By prioritizing regular inspections and repairs, investing in upgrades and renovations, and ensuring that all facilities are clean and well-maintained, the complex continues to serve as a source of pride for the community and a destination for soccer players and fans alike.

Community Involvement at Old Butte Soccer Complex

If you’re looking for a place to play soccer in Butte, Montana, the Old Butte Soccer Complex is the ideal location. But it’s not just a place for soccer games. The complex has held multiple community events, which have brought people together from all over the city. The community involvement at Old Butte Soccer Complex has been the driving force behind its success.

One of the main events held at the complex is a soccer tournament that welcomes teams from all over Montana. It’s a great opportunity for players to showcase their skills, and for spectators to come together and enjoy the beautiful game. The tournament isn’t just for experienced players either – teams of all skill levels are welcome to join in on the fun.

In addition to the soccer tournament, the Old Butte Soccer Complex is also used for charity fundraisers. These events bring together people from all over Butte to support various causes, such as cancer research or local food banks. They’re not just about raising money – they’re about creating a community that cares.

Charity Event Benefitting Organization Amount Raised
Kick for a Cure American Cancer Society $5,000
Soccer Ball Benefit Butte Food Bank $3,500

Community involvement at Old Butte Soccer Complex doesn’t just stop at charitable events. The complex also regularly hosts youth soccer leagues, which provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and grow. The leagues are fully supported by local volunteers, who give their time to coach and organize the teams. It’s a great way for youths to get involved in sports and building relationships with their peers.

Overall, the community involvement at Old Butte Soccer Complex has had an incredibly positive impact on Butte. It’s brought people together and created opportunities for charitable giving and youth development. If you’re looking for a place to play soccer and get involved in the community, be sure to check out the Old Butte Soccer Complex.