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Welcome to our blog post about the Eastern Illinois University (EIU) Soccer program! Whether you are a current student, alumni, or just a fan of college soccer, we have plenty of information to share with you about the history, facilities, achievements, notable alumni, and current roster/schedule of our EIU Panthers Soccer team. We are excited to showcase the incredible talent and dedication of our student-athletes, coaches, and staff, and hope that you will enjoy learning more about the EIU Soccer program. So, let’s kick off this post and dive into all things EIU Soccer!

History of EIU Soccer

The Eastern Illinois University (EIU) soccer program has a rich history that spans over several decades. EIU’s soccer team was established in the year 1966 and has been a formidable force on the field ever since.

The program’s early years were marked by a series of ups and downs. However, EIU soccer began to gain momentum in the early 1970s. The team won the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship in 1976 and 1977, under the guidance of Coach Ted Flogaites.

Year Coach Record
1966 Richard Peters 9-3-1
1977 Ted Flogaites 12-0-2
1980 Mike Jones 9-3-4

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the EIU soccer program continued to flourish, with several exceptional seasons under Coach Mike Jones. The team won the conference championship in 1980 and 1996 and was a runner-up in several other years.

Over the years, several notable players have come through the EIU soccer program. Some of these talented athletes include Kevin Wolcott, who played for the team from 1977 to 1980 and went on to become a professional soccer player, and Martin Marghetis, who played for the team from 1984 to 1987 and earned All-American honors.

Today, EIU soccer remains a respected and competitive program that has earned a reputation for excellence both on and off the field. With a talented team, experienced coaching staff, and top-notch facilities, the program looks poised for continued success in the years to come.

EIU’s Soccer Facilities

The Eastern Illinois University (EIU) Soccer Facilities are state-of-the-art, providing student-athletes with top-notch amenities that help them stay on top of their game. The facilities play a crucial role in the recruitment and retention of student-athletes, enhancing their soccer experience and academic success. EIU takes pride in offering a comprehensive soccer program that emphasizes excellence in academics and athletics.

One of the most impressive facilities is the Lakeside Soccer Complex, which opened in 2006. The complex has two soccer fields, a championship field, and an auxiliary field. The championship field has a seating capacity of up to 1,000 spectators, ensuring that fans can watch the Panthers in comfort. The complex has a press box and a scoreboard, making it ideal for hosting high-profile matches.

In addition to the Lakeside Soccer Complex, the team has access to an indoor facility that has a full-size turf field, a weight training room, and a video room. The indoor facility allows the team to practice year-round, no matter the weather conditions. The weight training room helps players build their strength and stamina, while the video room helps coaches analyze player performance and opposition teams.

Facility Name Features
Lakeside Soccer Complex Two soccer fields, a championship field, and an auxiliary field, seating capacity of up to 1,000 spectators, press box, and a scoreboard
Indoor Facility A full-size turf field, a weight training room, and a video room

EIU Soccer Facilities are also home to locker rooms, which are fully equipped with showers, lockers, and a training room. There is a laundry facility on site, making it easy to keep the team’s uniforms clean and ready for the next game. The locker rooms are spacious and well-lit, offering players the comfort they need before and after matches.

The University’s commitment to providing its soccer athletes with excellent facilities has not gone unnoticed. The Lakeside Soccer Complex won the Illinois Park and Recreation Association’s Outstanding Facility and Park Award in 2007. It is a testament to the University’s dedication to excellence and a proud moment for the soccer program.

In conclusion, EIU Soccer Facilities provide student-athletes with a conducive environment that enhances their development on and off the field. The facilities are readily available to the team, allowing them to focus on training, practicing, and playing. It is an honor for anyone to represent EIU on the soccer field, and the facilities guarantee that the team is ready to compete at the highest level.

Season Highlights and Achievements

As another soccer season comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the amazing achievements and highlights of the year. The East Illinois University (EIU) soccer team has had an incredible season, which has brought them not only closer as a team but also secured them a great position in the league. The team has worked hard all year, and their dedication and passion for the game have been evident throughout the league.

The EIU soccer team has achieved great things this season, and their progression in the league table has been impressive. They have worked hard together, showing great teamwork, communication, and support for each other on and off the field. Moreover, their excellent performance has earned them recognition from both the university and the league.

One of the team’s greatest achievements this season has been the victory against their most significant rival. This win motivated the players and boosted their confidence. They continued to play with a positive attitude, even when things weren’t going their way. Furthermore, several players have been able to achieve personal records and goals. This demonstrates their commitment to their individual growth, as well as their dedication to the team.

Achievements Highlights
Victory Against Rivals New Personal Records Set
Position in the League Table Positive Attitude Throughout the Season
Recognition from University and League Great Teamwork, Communication, and Support

The season highlights and achievements demonstrate just how hard the players have worked and how far they have come. This season has not only made them better soccer players but also helped shape them into better individuals. The players have built lifetime friendships, learned key life skills, and understood the importance of perseverance and hard work.

The future of the EIU soccer team is bright, and there’s no doubt they will continue to achieve great things. With talented players, experienced coaching, and a supportive community, we can expect to see even more success from them in the future. Congratulations to the EIU soccer team for an amazing season!

Notable EIU Soccer Alumni

When it comes to the Eastern Illinois University (EIU) soccer program, there have been several notable alumni who have gone on to achieve great success both on and off the field.

One such alumni is Jay DeMerit, who played for EIU from 1998-2001. After graduation, he went on to play professionally in England, including for Watford FC where he helped lead them to promotion to the Premier League in 2006. DeMerit also played for the U.S. Men’s National Team, including in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Another notable EIU soccer alumni is Kevin Kalish, who played for EIU from 1985-1988. After graduating, he became the head coach of the Northwestern University women’s soccer team, leading them to their first Big Ten Championship in 1994. Kalish later became an assistant coach for the U.S. Women’s National Team and was part of the coaching staff for their historic victory in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Notable EIU Soccer Alumni
Jay DeMerit
Kevin Kalish

Other notable EIU soccer alumni include Brian McBride, who played for EIU from 1990-1993 and went on to have a successful professional career in England and the U.S., earning several national team appearances.

Additionally, there is also Tyler Paxson, who played for EIU from 2011-2014 and currently plays for the Indy Eleven of the USL Championship. Paxson was a standout player at EIU, earning All-Missouri Valley Conference honors in his final season.

  • Jay DeMerit
  • Kevin Kalish
  • Brian McBride
  • Tyler Paxson

These are just a few of the many notable EIU soccer alumni who have left their mark on the program and beyond. Their success both on and off the field serves as inspiration for current and future EIU soccer players, and highlights the strong tradition of excellence within the program.

Current EIU Soccer Team Roster and Schedule

The Eastern Illinois University (EIU) Soccer Team is a force to be reckoned with in the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC). The team is composed of dedicated student-athletes who have a passion for the beautiful game. They have represented EIU in various competitions and have earned several accolades for their successes.

If you are a fan of the EIU Soccer Team, you would be interested to know the team’s current roster and schedule. The team’s roster comprises skilled players who have demonstrated their abilities on the field. EIU has some exciting new players to watch out for in the next season.

Number Name Position Year
1 Jordan Crabtree Goalkeeper Junior
10 Aaron Mulholland Midfielder Senior
14 Hunter Norris Defender Freshman

As for the team’s schedule, EIU is known for playing a rigorous season. They face some of the best teams in the OVC and beyond. Here are some of the team’s upcoming matches:

  • October 2 – EIU vs UT Martin
  • October 8 – EIU vs Tennessee Tech
  • October 15 – EIU vs Austin Peay State University
  • October 23 – EIU vs Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • October 29 – EIU vs Murray State University

On each of the match days, the team shows up ready to play their best. The matches are an opportunity for the team to showcase their skills, determination, and teamwork. Watching the matches is always a thrilling experience. Supporters of EIU Soccer can mark these dates on their calendars and show up to cheer on the team.